[We are in pre-startup mode; would you give NUDY through patience? Every blog post here is draft content for a longer work. No time to polish, only dance into giving sex AS Life. To give sex as a public service is a huge task and we are UP for the challenge as relaxed non-perfectionists self-obsessed with public good. Thank you!]

A cultural war is raging in many parts of the world — what is a man, what is a woman, what is gender, what is sex? Pronouns, nouns, and etiquette. Bathroom, board room, Congressional floor. What is war for? Perpetuating the welter of a lie, the lie of separation! Please, may we listen?!

Peace General is the mission position of ACCEPTED. To accept forgiveness is to bless the mess and step out of the victim mind of what cannot be tamed or controlled. Unity is ALL of it. Affected deeply by receiving NUDY (healing of victim mind), is to heed life at a mythic level. To discern that this general war has been here before. Perhaps I’ll listen to it energetically? Contemplate?

Here is our mission pronoun: the unity principle as proper usage of mind.

  • S/H/E
  • S ~ traditional / heteronormative she and essence of divine feminine (non-linear)
  • H ~ traditional / heteronormative he and essence of divine masculine (linear)
  • E ~ where traditional drops into pure ENERGETICS of the cosmos; where all old & new sexual expressions are given in gift frequency aka the open heart, listening as love
  • Respected is another mission position; we respect each other’s pain and suffering; we mind cultural war with loving patience

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