Forgiveness as FAWK Has Begun

Delightfully, the real work has begun.

Although it seems sooo weak, that is the whole point. Self Love.

Self-love is giving you this very, very, very basic schedule so the work can begin…

Please? Would you see this as the birth of the new? The end of hurtful war between men and women?


  • 4:30 EST daily Monday ~ Saturday until 5:30 pm
  • 7:30 EST daily Tuesday ~ Saturday until 9pm
  • Zoom & Other Video & Phonecall available
  • How to Book: say hello DAILY not before to
  • 678-632-4280
  • Gifts: $55 and UP for 55 minutes
  • Wish to join the announcement list? $2 and UP to…
  • Zelle or Google Pay
  • So sincerely sorry…until we get going…that’s IT! Xo~(((A)))

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