First Family

Mutual Respect * Mutual Good * Mutual Touch.

What do these three have in common? At least to the Mission of NUDY?


Your Peace Commanda * Peace General has emerged from mythic prophetic Eastertime union with soul found: consciousness healed. Deeply healed.

First Family ~ this is your soul. Soul as family. Your determination to live out your uniqueness. I have it. I live it.

I come from generational sorrow in the peace strain of Ireland, Germany, a smidge of England, and a whole dose of humanism conditioned. The body of the world. The mechanics of life ~ we come here free spirits, get crammed into tiny living spaces called bodies, and live out the frequency of our times.

I have a couple of siblings, some cousins, some nieces and nephews (mine and my cousins’ children), and all the patriarchs and matriarchs. They are overall a nice bunch with lots of strong undertones of grateful proud American. Whatever strength I have to give, it has come from our ancestral survival first; my compassionate mutative survival next. Thank you, blood kin family.

What does this mean? Mutative survival…

I love humanity. I am Aquarian ~ I have great affection for our so-called abandoned little corner of the Universe. I never thought that way (abandoned little nothing!) because Mary. (Thank you, mystery of faith!) Because MJ. (Thank you spirit in Mary Jane!) Because — and this is the biggie — Amelia. My mutative spirit in the patriarchal bunch.

Amelia. My chosen mystic Self and our Mission General of Compassion. SEX and the body. Sex and the MIND. I entered my dark (sin) to recall the light (whole). AND I listened to it. I listened while falling, I listened while getting up, I am listening now after my most profound recent trip into dark [Jan 1 – March 3] ~

Before 2021 I never, ever, never even conceiving once that we humans are weak stardust vehicles of abandoned nothingness except…that is precisely where my mind ended up! — in the stardust bin. The throwaway pile. Aaaaahhhh?! Why? Because Surrender. The only way out of despair. In 2021 I went there so I know – we are love we are whole – we do not need fixing, we need listening.

This journey to mental-emo hell, it spiked to All Is Lost in 2021…now I know what you go through. So glad to know. So glad I’m still here. In this body MJ. Contemplation practice, heeey, it got me lost in the first place! Lost is the quest! Quietude and questioning, it got me out. Utterly lost, all I could do was surrender, listen to tender, and thus be able to walk myself out.

Yes, I walked myself out. I am First Family. My soul guidance: First Lost Family commitment leads to First Family Found~!

First Family Found, where are we? This fresh step back onto an Internet page. (I step back into the work everyday yet little comes out.) With the most generous, healing, freeing queer sex in my lifetime occuring on Easter Monday, I sealed The Work of my personal deep dive into traditional Good Friday through Aramaic Easter Sunday. Sealing the Mutual Good of Mutual Touch as to give NUDY to you, the like-minded Mutual Respectful.

I feel like there is wholly power resting Its hand on the lever of my dam. My Electric Peace Dam. Wild surrender, wise Guidance spilling out, everywhere…

Manifesting Generator with Sacral Authority ~ your Peace Commanda

In Pussy General, this sounds different. Mutual touch. My inner road to working priestess, it is my work. Yet The Work is deconditioning the mind. May you find your way. Ahhhhh, one day soon…the working priestess. Today, well, sorry, no easier way to push an Internet button to say YES to my experiment! Any day now?? Would you like some buttons? Here is a dense, incomplete sharing of my determined path to NUDY…

Mutual touch or whacked out crutch ~ what won’t you give to be free?

Pussy General
  • NOT EQUAL LAND ~ in body vehicles, the divine feminine exists in all ~ all humans have divine feminine ~ as the quality of higher caring and tenderness ~ it is S/H/E who owns the land and there is no thing comparable to S/H/E
  • Respect for the Masculine Pole is paramount to NUDY
  • Men in general express the masculine pole and they shall be respected not denigrated as they are called HOME to S/H/E
  • First Family is where NUDY is given primary space in a sacred marriage ~ be this alone, coupledom, other family unit
  • Sex Surrender ~ they go together ~ because peace is in the process and is the very air of falling to one’s knees in strength
  • Quiet Belly UP ~ new family leadership is mutual support for when a family member must touch the pain
  • 6th Sense as 6th Scene of a Movie ~ where can intuitive impulses and emotional awareness be honored both in the movie of your Life? What is the 6th Scene?
  • Determined Sex Forgiveness PLAN ~ #metoo and allllll sexual war tension between men and women (and trans) has effects; NUDY is a determination plan to forgive personal, social, and community sex war
  • Easy with Relationships ~ on a very personal end note, your Peace Commanda is going belly UP to the Light with all my relationships ~ this profound recent inner trip to the dark brought tremendous change ~ including lighting up my human desire to be recognized and how it was wearing out the grace of my social ties ~ forcing as shadow, as unwinnable war and too taxing on blood kin family including me ~ blood family IS hard on the path of deconditioning ~ So, soul as first family and with the rest of my relationships…Easy is Right (Chuang Tzu)

May you feel my Hug? May you feel loved? THAT is mutual touch ~ a moment of mind*love sent…thank you for mutual respect sent back for the overwhelming odds it takes to keep this spirit alive and ALIGNED * NUDY is Surrender~


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