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Maiden Position

Are you aware of the general age span of the earth or mythic maiden? Early 20s. Perhaps later. 30s is reasonable for the modern maiden!

What is the maiden? In general history, she is a *female of marriageable age, 12-19 according to some fandoms of kingdoms and what have you.

What have you…here? Where are you? Is this worldbuilding, this Peace General? Who does the Peace General serve? What king, what queen, what subjects, of what maidens do we speak?

Do you know what you have here? Here it is…

What we’ve got here is…failure to communicate.

Captain, Cool Hand Luke (1967)
Maiden Communication

So, please, may I correct this with you? This failure? What you see above is the recently published NUDY photoart, a memoir piece from my 30s rendered NUDY under the Aquarius January Sun 2023. What you don’t see are my inner thoughts of what it means to give NUDY, why a mature sounding mission like the Pussy General is peace building.

If fiction and fantasy worldbuilding is your passion, thank you. I honor that. Here in Muthaship Communication, home to the Pussy General, resting in the infinite field that is peace, the Peace General is leading a more gracious, gentle, generous friendly tone than the outrageous “First Footie” and her red lipstick. What we honor is the mysterious, often arduous, inner pathbuilding process of forgiveness.

Forgiveness ~ a suffering Footie’s first priorty to SELF, a self-forgiving human wishing to become new. That’s a Footie.

If I were to give the Pussy General’s tone, I would write “wow, that’s an ass-load of material”. Why did I just give it here on Peace General? Because it’s vital you begin to know the virtues I cherish and uphold. FREEDOM. Freedom is our highest virtue in our Army of Virtues. Freedom is being free of the victim shadow frequency. The only war that exists ~ inner mind. Victim.


I pray graciousness for this harshness, but it’s the potency YOU deserve. Clarity that Maiden in our Mission is NUDY (peace psychology emerging). It is also a NUDY position. Meaning the degree of human nudity shown for peace teaching purposes of “seeing” NUDY of seeing with the forgiven mind ~ forgiven and free of the victim.

This Position specifically…

MAIDEN ~ visible NUDY buttocks with the rest of the body possibly un/dressed

Amelia Energy

Maiden is Misison ~ Maiden is Position ~ Maiden is Mythic ~ Maiden is Communication…unfolding.

You deserve an essay on the vital distinction between a youth and a maiden; history of maidens; more. For now, might I ask a HUGE ask? Might you discern this general mission as a peace tone? Abuse of children through sexual everything is a shadow. A dark shadow. A shadow this mission chooses to dissolve through our sheer existence. Meaning it is not our specific mission; our mission is discernment and forgiveness. The Maiden is a mythic teaching tone and never a vulnerable youth.

It is never lost on us, the sexual warring of our species throughout all time. War crosses a sexual line all the time. So be it. Mutha Nature is evolving us, and she will have Her way and the final say. Perhaps you’ll find solace with us through this time?

Your guide, Amelia Energy, she is I she is you she is getting up out of her emotional hospital bed right now. Communication will be rocky at first. But it won’t be failed. To giveit, this NUDY. May I/we improve every time. {deep bow to your spirit}

Thanks for your patience, I adore you for it.


P.S. *female is starred because it is 2023 and there is a gender identity war happening. This war is not lost here, but it remains untouched, except for this note, until robust communication may be given to honor that war and the peace within the paradox of all is lost and therefore found. Until then, all my love and adieu for now ~

Healing with Gene Keys

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When will enough be enough? That’s what I didn’t know I was asking myself when my head fell in my hands. April 2020, but it wasn’t over the Coronavirus shutdown. It was my work going down the drain. Again. I found the Gene Keys a month later, began studying, and now just two weeks into 2023 I’ve followed through on a fifteen year vision. {NUDY}

Although it’s true I’ve worked on myself for years, gentle contemplation of my Gene Keys turned on a poetic light I couldn’t find otherwise.

What do I love most about this modern synthesis of genetics and I Ching? Its first student, author Richard Rudd, does not want you to follow him or his system forever. He doesn’t want your idolatry nor your dogmatic adherence to what I would attest is a deeply transformative work. This author wishes you to LIVE!

And so do I.

I admit, I had a brush with dogma. (Strict religious upbringing, so I’m primed.) Catching elusive harmful patterns in a short amount of time is exciting! So, yeah, I wanted everyone to know about this! But then…uggh, I caught myself in an ugly mirror. Me pushing dogma?! Dang, old habits break…easy?

Here’s the Siddhic Beauty (1st Gene Key)…not only was it relatively easy to catch my shadowy behavior, it was WAY easier to breathe in and release another shadow creeping in — self-shame and self-loathing from embarassment. THAT is amazing self-authority. That’s what I found through the Gene Keys.

Romance with Life Itself, that’s what I found…

I wonder if Gene Keys is a road for you? No dogma, just deep gratitude for the gift I now hold ~ self-love. I am grateful to share and spread this work. May your journey to healing your soul be abundantly blessed.

Mutha Position

Have you ever contemplated the miracle version of the walking dead? Like…Biblical? Wrong holiday (it’s about to be Christmas) but that guy Mr. Nazareth DID raise the dead. Can you imagine how disorienting that was and is…to sit up, you were dead, and now you’re breathing earth air again?!?

Would you receive my grace? I’m the walking dead today. Today is my declaration of FULL return to *working* mental, emotional, and psychological full healthy functioning. Now, don’t get too excited! This thing called Earth is asking us all to die! We don’t stay here, folks! And THAT is another trip. Like the esctatics take.

Today, hey, no acid drop invitations. No ads for circle line cruises around Manhattan where we’ll see the Statue of Liberty and Mutha NUDY walking on water. Nah, I’ll be walking on the carpet to the bathroom. No levitation. HOWEVER…

Would you be willing to go with me a moment? I ask a whole LOT, don’t I? Mysterious confusion, delightful annoying to the impatient. (I get it! I honor it! I thank it!)

Now that I’m raring to go with my rear end (B-Side in Pussy General, not posted yet, sorry), I feel communication gathering like a rain cloud. Commanda Comms is about to reign down from the sky, purple rain drops in the distance of a purple sky as the Peace Eagle circles in Mutha position.

MUTHA ~ visible NUDY breasts with the rest of the body dressed

Amelia Energy

That’s it. BAM! Baby just put on earth, NUDY birthed, Christ LIGHT child delivered. Would you please, please, please forgive me for no essay? A worthy and necessary task, essays on the sexual peace I have felt emerging in me for over fifteen years. But without full healing, ugh, lame leaking and unhappy frustrating all over the place. Now the healed rain cloud is gathering with force and I just have to go.

If I sound like where a textbook meets a chapbook, that’s my flavor. Isn’t that what an experimental blog is for? I don’t know what this door is for (THE BODY!) but maybe its for contemplating suffering? Sounds great to M.E.

If I deliver on my goods, next post will be me, myself, I — me, M.E., ME. And a physical place to SEE Mutha NUDY~! Until then, listen within, because I’ll know when I go…


[We are in pre-startup mode; would you give NUDY through patience? Every blog post here is draft content for a longer work. No time to polish, only dance into giving sex AS Life. To give sex as a public service is a huge task and we are UP for the challenge as relaxed non-perfectionists self-obsessed with public good. Thank you!]

A cultural war is raging in many parts of the world — what is a man, what is a woman, what is gender, what is sex? Pronouns, nouns, and etiquette. Bathroom, board room, Congressional floor. What is war for? Perpetuating the welter of a lie, the lie of separation! Please, may we listen?!

Peace General is the mission position of ACCEPTED. To accept forgiveness is to bless the mess and step out of the victim mind of what cannot be tamed or controlled. Unity is ALL of it. Affected deeply by receiving NUDY (healing of victim mind), is to heed life at a mythic level. To discern that this general war has been here before. Perhaps I’ll listen to it energetically? Contemplate?

Here is our mission pronoun: the unity principle as proper usage of mind.

  • S/H/E
  • S ~ traditional / heteronormative she and essence of divine feminine (non-linear)
  • H ~ traditional / heteronormative he and essence of divine masculine (linear)
  • E ~ where traditional drops into pure ENERGETICS of the cosmos; where all old & new sexual expressions are given in gift frequency aka the open heart, listening as love
  • Respected is another mission position; we respect each other’s pain and suffering; we mind cultural war with loving patience