Cosmic Mutha, listen to me all the way through, listen to love inside my enfleshed walls, bring me into Yin within your dark feminine, your Mutha NUDY breasts beating the pulse of all Life in majestic strength


N-U-D-Y  Why? To heed the lie inside emotional dishonor. NUDY is a new umbrella term for listening while being in a sexual emotional state. Including contemplative or energetic states. Including non-sexual arousal. Including artistic viewing or memory healing. Your personal memories or even those of a family or community member. Dead* or Alive. Missing or Present.

Story of NUDY

Your bloggess served as low priestess on the pre-Footie pole which is the Sphinx mystery road of sexual commerce. No, you might not understand that. If you journey with M.E., you will. Know it is the paradox of Eve V. God. Back to NUDY…

In mid-August 2017 while sitting a quiet kitchen table in southeastern Pennsylvania, your bloggess Amelia Energy had reached yet another end road. My summer teaching assignment complete, it was time to return to New York City. I found it hard to communicate with my needs. I had survived quite the ordeal over the past six years. Lost but not without direction. I became so very, very quiet at that table. Bowed my head and opened to the most sincere and honest prayer I had given since childhood.

I asked, What do I need to do to come into alignment with the apartment to give the memoir?

The story of my ordeal, the apartment, and the memoir is its own beast. A beast deserving of a proper writing cave. Since I don’t have that cave nor a ready manuscript, what I can say is that women and their nude bodies have very strict behavioral rules if living underneath a dogmatic, religious household like the Catholic one in which I grew up. Dropping that dogma while remaining loving and compassionate to family has made M.E. If we journey together, you will come to know.

As for NUDY and the kitchen table, here’s what occurred that mid-August 2017…

After my sincere prayer of how to align to the apartment for the memoir, I walked the dog. The next day, I heard Guidance. My inner voice said: Print out one of your early nudes. I knew this meant an artistic nude photograph of me from my early Amelia Energy days circa Spring 2007. So I did.

Alone with the dog in my friend’s home, I laid eight images of my nude photographed image on the kitchen table. Absorbing the wordless noise of my sorrow and peace for a full day’s cycle, the Voice returned. Through my own voice, it spoke directions:

Paint over your image.

I went to the garage, brought back art supplies, and began swaddling my body’s female image in sky blue acrylic paint. As I did, a light filled my entire aura and filled the room speaking this paradoxical Truth ~ You never shamed your family. You have every right to publish your mature photos. You have every right to publish your mature work.

I discerned this act was swaddling my pain with Innocence — with clear knowing that I was in NO way covering up my human nudity. It was touching a new sense of Self. Through four art bikinis and four energetic dresses, I allowed Spirit to pour itself out in creative healing. When finished, I put down my paintbrush and declared inwardly from a new ground of confidence:


Swaddling Innocence in NUDY

In less than three months, the apartment materialized. Five months after that, a NYC memoir class put me on the road to ten complete memoir manuscript drafts; dozens of new NUDY healing art photos; and hundreds upon hundreds of Pussy General mission mappings.

On March 3, 2023 the Voice returned. After six years of integration struggling to free my Spirit, I took a bold NUDY act in the NYC apartment (birthplace of the Peace Friend) and made an announcement to the household. I declared my need to leave. For mysterious reasons yet to be shared, this act gave witness to the Holy Victim thus breaking my personal wormhole chain of sexual dishonor given and received. I exited the spell of…hmmm.

Now here we are together, on this blog page, M.E. inviting you to give and receive within the Peace Friend.

I appreciate your patience. Mystery is a road to seek the low. To say it all, this recent NUDY act of self-acceptance (aka self-forgiveness held), well, it secured the inner anchor of my endless emotional search for reconciliation. Maybe you would like to walk with M.E. a while? You need no fixing, yet love as listening is the road. See you there?

To your new direction ~ in the Spirit of Freedom


Amelia Energy ~ General of Compassion

Chief Writing Commanda *Volunteer Footie *Army of Virtues*

25 April 2023