Cosmic Mutha, listen to me all the way through, listen to love inside my enfleshed walls, bring me into Yin within your dark feminine, your Mutha NUDY breasts beating the pulse of all Life in majestic strength


N-U-D-Y  Why? To heed the lie inside fed by an insecure mind. NUDY is a new umbrella term for approaching sexual healing, art forms, and physical gifting of sex. NUDY is a higher purpose tone akin to sacred sex yet bubbling through the low frequency cracks of the repressed and profane. ACTS given NUDY are forgiven acts. 


To bring pussy into peace ~ what is this? Discernment. {our mature stage mission}

What is discernment? Processing emotional memory of our collective human past. YOURS in particular!

Why? What’s in those memory logs? Distrust. Our mission focus: war of the sexes ~ where ancient survival meets modern mess.

Enter New Earth Sex ~ and if we all give our part…waging peace…

Exit the war received NUDY ~ heeded! Listened to! 

  • drop to the floor
  • heed inner war
  • freely open the door (mind & heart)
  • drop into the heart drop what war is for!
  • (separation, that’s what war is for, to perpetuate that welter of a lie) 

Peace General ~ unsecure and bold as love S/H/E who listens NUDY, therefore guides. Through her own walking, we hope to birth the vision of…


  • Freedomme I hold dear
  • Low Priestesses working the Footie pole
  • Low as mystery, strength, and entry point for love
  • Purpose of Pre-NUDY ~ to forgive war through language
  • Peace Friend as practical mystey
  • Purpose of Touch ~ empathy
  • Listening to Heal Memory as the sacred marriage vow
  • Strip Clubs of the Future are for divine feminine (grace)
  • Guidance as Currency


Amelia Energy ~ General of Compassion

Chief Writing Commanda *Volunteer Footie *Army of Virtues*