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Healing with Gene Keys

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When will enough be enough? That’s what I didn’t know I was asking myself when my head fell in my hands. April 2020, but it wasn’t over the Coronavirus shutdown. It was my work going down the drain. Again. I found the Gene Keys a month later, began studying, and now just two weeks into 2023 I’ve followed through on a fifteen year vision. {NUDY}

Although it’s true I’ve worked on myself for years, gentle contemplation of my Gene Keys turned on a poetic light I couldn’t find otherwise.

What do I love most about this modern synthesis of genetics and I Ching? Its first student, author Richard Rudd, does not want you to follow him or his system forever. He doesn’t want your idolatry nor your dogmatic adherence to what I would attest is a deeply transformative work. This author wishes you to LIVE!

And so do I.

I admit, I had a brush with dogma. (Strict religious upbringing, so I’m primed.) Catching elusive harmful patterns in a short amount of time is exciting! So, yeah, I wanted everyone to know about this! But then…uggh, I caught myself in an ugly mirror. Me pushing dogma?! Dang, old habits break…easy?

Here’s the Siddhic Beauty (1st Gene Key)…not only was it relatively easy to catch my shadowy behavior, it was WAY easier to breathe in and release another shadow creeping in — self-shame and self-loathing from embarassment. THAT is amazing self-authority. That’s what I found through the Gene Keys.

Romance with Life Itself, that’s what I found…

I wonder if Gene Keys is a road for you? No dogma, just deep gratitude for the gift I now hold ~ self-love. I am grateful to share and spread this work. May your journey to healing your soul be abundantly blessed.