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Mutha Position

Have you ever contemplated the miracle version of the walking dead? Like…Biblical? Wrong holiday (it’s about to be Christmas) but that guy Mr. Nazareth DID raise the dead. Can you imagine how disorienting that was and is…to sit up, you were dead, and now you’re breathing earth air again?!?

Would you receive my grace? I’m the walking dead today. Today is my declaration of FULL return to *working* mental, emotional, and psychological full healthy functioning. Now, don’t get too excited! This thing called Earth is asking us all to die! We don’t stay here, folks! And THAT is another trip. Like the esctatics take.

Today, hey, no acid drop invitations. No ads for circle line cruises around Manhattan where we’ll see the Statue of Liberty and Mutha NUDY walking on water. Nah, I’ll be walking on the carpet to the bathroom. No levitation. HOWEVER…

Would you be willing to go with me a moment? I ask a whole LOT, don’t I? Mysterious confusion, delightful annoying to the impatient. (I get it! I honor it! I thank it!)

Now that I’m raring to go with my rear end (B-Side in Pussy General, not posted yet, sorry), I feel communication gathering like a rain cloud. Commanda Comms is about to reign down from the sky, purple rain drops in the distance of a purple sky as the Peace Eagle circles in Mutha position.

MUTHA ~ visible NUDY breasts with the rest of the body dressed

Amelia Energy

That’s it. BAM! Baby just put on earth, NUDY birthed, Christ LIGHT child delivered. Would you please, please, please forgive me for no essay? A worthy and necessary task, essays on the sexual peace I have felt emerging in me for over fifteen years. But without full healing, ugh, lame leaking and unhappy frustrating all over the place. Now the healed rain cloud is gathering with force and I just have to go.

If I sound like where a textbook meets a chapbook, that’s my flavor. Isn’t that what an experimental blog is for? I don’t know what this door is for (THE BODY!) but maybe its for contemplating suffering? Sounds great to M.E.

If I deliver on my goods, next post will be me, myself, I — me, M.E., ME. And a physical place to SEE Mutha NUDY~! Until then, listen within, because I’ll know when I go…